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Setting Impressions 101

 How to charm mothers? Praise their 'young' looks. How to impress fathers? Talk about their jobs. How to attract customers? Inquire them about their LIVES. How to win the kids' LOVE? Show them cartoons.

How to popularize Orwellian? You endorse it. You disseminate it by all MEANS.


Our animation was aiming for that. We structured it like an orientation for new citizens of Oceania. We would inform them about the concept of doublethink, the to-dos, and not-to-dos in society, and everything else irrational.

But why put such craziness in a clip? Because we all can't be Shakespeare and Michelangelos.  Also, we didn't have an exact storyline because we want to play it out the 'unreliable narrator-style.In addition to that, we only put snippets of daily Orwellian life just like how Winston's recurring memories were more like fragments than full-on vivid scenes.

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