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September 9, 2019

Journal One

Conceptual learning is a new teaching style wherein ideas are deconstructed. It is valuable because it makes us see the bigger picture. 


1. IDENTITY is how the writer's identity can be based on cultural references in his/her work, his/her background, and the reader's personal interpretation.


2. CULTURE is how the culture of a certain place and time affects a text's development.

3. CREATIVITY is how a writer expresses his/her thoughts on pen and paper despite being limited by words. Also, it can be the ability of the author to innovate an idea. There is no such thing as an original.


4. COMMUNICATION is how the literary text establishes an author-reader relationship by using various writing styles and text structure.


5. PERSPECTIVE is how literary works can introduce new perspectives.


6. TRANSFORMATION is how the literary text can influence a reader's worldviews.


7. REPRESENTATION is how global issues are embedded in the text.

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